Yoga on the Beach is Yoga for the People!

Yoga on the Beach was founded on the first day of summer in 2010 by a small group of certified yoga teachers living in northern Michigan.

Our passion for practicing yoga, especially in the great outdoors, inspired us to offer an annual summer series of donation-based classes on the nearby shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Leelanau.

We also offer Yoga Hikes that combine mindful walking with standing yoga poses along some of the area’s most beautiful trails.

Outdoor Yoga

Practicing yoga on the bare earth can help root you in the present moment, improving strength and balance while relieving stress.

Our style of gentle flowing classes are challenging yet relaxing for both body and mind.

They provide an opportunity to take some time out of your busy schedule and find a deeper connection with your true self and with nature.


We offer 3-4 beach classes per week from the Summer Solstice through the Autumn Equinox. Yoga hikes, online and private classes are offered year-round.

Classes are ~60 minutes with a suggested donation of $10-20.

All Are Welcome

Yogis of all levels – even total beginners – are invited to participate.

We always offer modifications and encourage everyone to practice at their own pace.


Come As You Are

For beach classes we recommend dressing in comfortable layers and bringing plenty of drinking water and a mat, towel or blanket you can stretch out on.

For yoga hikes please wear sturdy shoes with good tread (standing poses only so no mat needed).

Sun block and bug repellent are also recommended, especially in the summer.